Not sure what you are ABLE to recycle?
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Spot the RecyclABLE

You might be surprised at what's recyclABLE. Click on an item!
Glass Bottle
Paint Brush
Used Cooking Oil
Automotive oil & containers
Aluminum Can
Paint Can
Paint Roller
Soup Broth
Plastic Bottle
Fax Machine
Spray Paint Cans
Juice Box
Milk Carton

Harnessing ReusABLE Potential

Bet you didn’t know that the tube TV gathering dust in your basement is recyclable. Your 1999 printer? That laptop that died 8 years go? All recyclable. Your old electronics don’t age gracefully. So, do them a favour and bring them to your closest collection center so they can find a renewed purpose.

What you are able to recycle:

  • TVs
  • Computers and Monitors
  • Keyboards, mice, speakers and cables
  • Printers and copiers
Where to recycle

Practicing ValuABLE Repurposing

The crusty paint cans in your garage may not be good anymore for touch ups but did you know that recycling them would transform the cans into rebar and paint into fresh new paint? Take those empty or half-filled paint cans to a collection site and let the magic of recycling do its thing.

What you are able to recycle:

  • Household paint
  • Most stains and lacquers
  • Paint Containers
Where to recycle

Believing in

Did you know that your worn out tires are good for more than just tire swings? You have the power to help them carry on their destiny to be recycled as playground surfaces, roofing tiles and more. Embrace the power of recycling to bring new life to all your neglected tires.

What you are able to recycle:

  • Car and light truck tires
  • Off-road, specialty and industrial tires
  • Medium truck tires (buses, freight trucks)
  • Bicycle tires
Where to recycle

InvaluABLE Potential

You probably know you can recycle your beverage containers, but did you know that you can exchange them for money at your nearest depot? This is your chance to keep the environment clean and help these containers find new life as clothing, boxes, car parts and more while making some cash. Who says recycling isn't worth it?

What you are able to recycle:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Juice boxes (tetra brik and gable top) and packs
  • Milk products such as jugs, cartons, drinkable yogurt
  • Wine-in-a-box
  • Bi-metal cans and kegs
Where to recycle

ObservABLE Impact

Always wondered what to do with your used oil, oil containers and filters? Wonder no more. Bring these products to your closest collection site and help them be transformed into patio furniture, pipes and more.

What you are able to recycle:

  • Used lubricating oil
  • Oil filters
  • Oil containers
Where to recycle


Join the E-Week Challenge
Now that you’re up to speed on what you’re able to recycle, it’s time to take measurABLE action. We challenge you to bring in your neglected recyclables to your closest depot or collection site. A cool prize may be yours for taking the challenge!

Cheers to you Alberta,

for making a measurABLE difference with your efforts. In 2018, you recycled...
2.2 Million
litres of paint
TVs and computer products
6 million
90 million
litres of used oil
2.5 million
kgs of used oil containers
4.7 million
kgs of used oil filters
2 billion
beverage containers

Thank you Alberta, for having a
notABLE impact with your efforts.

What is Environment week?

Environment Week is a chance to remind ourselves of our ability to contribute to a sustainABLE environment. It is a chance to recognize the positive impact that our small acts of recycling can have on our planet.