From trash

to treasure

Thanks to you, Alberta, we're making a difference year-round.

What is Environment Week?

Environment Week is an opportunity to talk. About recycling. About landfills. About the environment. And especially about the positive impact each of us can make on all three.

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From obsolete to original.

Remember that laptop you spilled coffee on? Now it's a bracelet. Your old plasma TV? A flowerpot. Collection sites take your broken, outdated electronics and give them new life.

What you can recycle:
  • TVs
  • Computers and monitors
  • Keyboards, mice, speakers and cables
  • Printers and copiers

From excess to eggshell.

When you gather a little here and a little there, pretty soon a little becomes a lot. Collection sites accept leftover paint and send it for recycling so that it can become fresh, new paint. Time to redecorate!

Visit for full details.

What you can recycle:
  • Household paint
  • Most stains and lacquers
  • Paint Containers

From run-down to recess.

Thanks to the tire recycling industry, a tire's life isn't finished when it's flat, bald, or worn out. Recycled tires replace sand in playgrounds, fill in sports fields, and become all kinds of different surfaces.

What you can recycle:
  • Car and light truck tires
  • Speciality, industrial tires (with a rim diameter between 8" and 24")
  • Medium truck tires (buses, freight trucks)
  • Bicycle tires

From litter to limitless.

Cans, bottles, and juice boxes aren't done their job when you're done your drink. Depots collect them and provide cash refunds before they are shipped to recycling plants to be transformed into things like new containers, paper, and even clothing.

What you can recycle:
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Juice boxes (tetra brik and gable top) and packs
  • Milk jugs and cartons
  • Bi-metal cans and kegs

From used to useful.

Used lubricating oil is hazardous if it gets in our soil and water. This oil, along with filters and containers, can also become great products, like clean oil, pipes and patio furniture, when recycled.

What you can recycle:
  • Used lubricating oil
  • Oil filters
  • Oil containers

Thanks to you, Alberta, we've recycled...

22 million

litres of paint since 2008

9 million

electronic items since 2004

110 million

tires since 1992

1.6 billion

litres of used oil since 1997

35 million

kgs of oil containers since 1997

139 million

oil filters since 1997

31 billion

beverage containers since 1997

Are you up for the challenge?!

We challenge you, your friends, your business and your classrooms to take part in our E-Week Challenge. Each day during Environment Week we'll challenge you to do something green and help raise awareness around the importance of recycling in your community. Dinner may be on you if you win. Don't miss out!

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